The rabbit with a pirate band on its face.


free the white rabbit with the r1 jailbreak

what is rabbitude?

rabbitude is the general reverse engineering project for the r1. we reverse, hack, and experiment with the r1 and report our findings publicly. rabbitude is built by the community along with some core members. overall making the r1 experience better.

how we make your experience better

we make the r1 experience better by a lot of factors, but it generally boils down to 3 simple things.


modding allows you to add additional functionality to the original rabbit UI, such as adding a switch between celcius and farenheit, enabling 24 hour time, spoofing GPS location, enabling touch screen, and more.


jailbreaking allows you to run other apps on your r1, such as youtube, youtube music, chatgpt and more. alongside that you can use normal calling and texting with your SD card just with your jailbroken r1.

publishing resources

we publish resources for other researchers and developers to experiment with and contribute something back to rabbitude. this helps the project constantly find new things and experiment. the community has already built a web panel, android app, a custom proxy, and reverse engineered the custom camera driver because of our research.

the firmburrow

the firmburrow is a repository of resources including firmware dumps, resources to extract firmware, and more utilities to work with the r1 services for developers.


to access the firmburrow, simply go to, it is a forgejo instance where you can see all of our official repositories as the organisation rabbitude, and the community projects.


you can use the firmburrow as a git server, it is a self-hosted instance of forgejo with public registration. please do not post anything illegal or inappropiate.


you can contribute your findings, new tools, or new discoveries back to the community by submitting pull requests or creating new projects.